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Earning you private pilot’s rating is within your reach at the Whitewater Aviation.


Come take a discovery flight with one of our certified flight instructors and take the controls for the entire flight!







Private Pilot Requirements

A minimum of 40 hours of flight training is required to earn your private pilot’s rating, however the average for most people is slightly more than that.  The flight hours need to include the following different types of flight:

◊    Dual (with instructor)

◊    Solo

◊    Night flight

◊    Cross Country

During your flight training your instructor wil also teach you about reading charts, plotting courses and filing flight plans.  These “ground school” exercises are all a necessary part of learning how to fly.

Passing a medical examination is also required to make sure that your health will not interfere with the ability to maintain your aircaft.


There are many variables that go into the cost of flight training.  The rental of the aircraft, flight instructor’s fees, fuel, insurance, etc…  It’s possible to complete training for as little as approx. $3,600.00. In most cases the cost for a private pilot’s license is approximately $4,000.00—$6,000.00.



During flight instruction the emphasis is always on safety.  Everything you will learn revolves around flying and maintaining your aircraft in a safe manner.

Whitewater Aviation Inc.

10004 West Road | Harrison, Ohio | 45030

(513) 367-1201 (Flight Instruction) | (513) 367-5070 (Maintenance)

Jeppesen Private Pilot Kits available for purchase.