Whitewater Aviation Inc.

10004 West Road | Harrison, Ohio | 45030

(513) 367-1201 (Flight Instruction) | (513) 367-5070 (Maintenance)


In the late 1970s and early 1980s Jerry Dietrick, owner of the type certificate of the Windecker Eagle, based his operation out of a small airport near Cincinnati, Ohio — Harrison Airport, I67. Together with Pat Kern, Jerry Dietrick travelled the world promoting the Windecker Eagle project. It was Jerry Dietrick’s dream to put the airplane back into production. He formed the Composite Aircraft Corporation after securing the production rights for the Windecker Eagle. He also owned two — and at one time, three — Eagles.

Will Berninger, owner and operator of Whitewater Aviation Inc., spent time under Pat Kern as a mechanic’s assistant helping maintain the Eagle fleet.  Will eventually formed Whitewater Aviation Inc. at Harrison Airport as a result of the years he spent working with Pat on the Windecker Eagle. This webpage is a collection of some memories and photos he has collected over the years.

The photo at right was taken November 2, 1983 on the ramp at I67.


N4198G was Jerry Dietrick’s primary business-use and demo aircraft.

Click on the image to the left to view original Windecker Eagle promotional marketing material produced by the Composite Aircraft Corporation.

The photo at left was taken summer 1983 in the maintenance hangar currently occupied by Whitewater Aviation.

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