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The photo above, Eagle N804WR, was used to finish certification of the aircraft later purchased by Jerry Dietrick. This picture is believed to have been taken at Oshkosh around 1980.

The photos below and to the left is years later after Jerry converted N804WR to a prototype turboprop. This picture was taken during the initial test flying before returning from Phoenix, AZ. Photo taken around 1982.

The photo to the right is Jerry’s third Windecker Eagle, which was eventually converted as a replacement for the lost Windecker YE-5 research aircraft for early stealth technology development.


N4196G is currently in storage in a military museum in Alabama. This photo taken in the late 1970s at I67.

To the left is a proposed Windecker Eagle II. Aircraft would have a one piece tapered wing and turbine engine. Jerry felt that future business aviation owners would be interested in an aircraft of this type and class.


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